Having been active around technology for almost 30 years, and seeing many people failing to grasp both it’s importance as well as it’s basic usage, I decided it was high-time to show the world how idiotic they can be.  People simply need to have a bigger vision of the tools that have been given to them.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. A Fan Says:

    Congratulations on putting together such a poignant view point of someone jaded by technology. It must be tough to live in a world where everyone is so much stupider than yourself! I am happy to read your funny antidotes on the stupidity of others and how you handle it through your humour and wit.

    It’s amazing that people are walking around in the world fully dressed, isn’t it? Hell, it’s amazing that we even have computers and that someone was even smart enough to invent it! It’s also amazing that we’re still not living in the woods like cavemen!

    I would suggest that you brush up a bit on your writing. It’s sometimes hard to follow a jumble of words that aren’t really making a full coherent sentence. (I mean writing that my elementary teachers would fail me for putting on paper!). Hah, I guess I could blog about how ignorant others are when they attempt to write a condescending blog with horrible English skills! However, I wouldn’t dare because no matter what others say and do they don’t deserve to be put down.

    Keep up the good work!

    • The Jaded Tech Says:

      Thanks for the comment and suggestions. Perhaps I might take a grammar course to satisfy some of the masses but don’t hold your breath 🙂 Never claimed to be an English major…only a damn good tech 😉 (Oh….was that a poorly formed sentence? Hmm….maybe I just type the way I talk. So grammar lessons would possibly help out….nahhh, if you can’t follow the sentence, such is life and donuts. Be banished to the realm of ‘noone will ever need mroe than 64K’ mentality!) 🙂

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