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So YOU are a Twitter expert?!

September 16, 2009

I’m getting pretty damned tired that every, single message from a new ‘person who followed me’ is a Twitter expert. They are a god-damned dime-a-dozen.

Here is a typical “Look at me, I’m an expert” message I get:

“Want to know how to get a huge following on Twitter and make residual monthly income at the same time?” (plus some shortened url).

It’s getting ridiculous. I’m willing to bet that Twitter has more Twitter experts than actual users!

I have a friend who recently complained about her being everyone’s ‘dumping ground for their problems’. She has the same problem….everything thinks that she has the ultimate answer for their particular need or issues. They completely gloss over the recent issues of her own she’s been dealing with and decided they were going to be nothing but insanely selfish to make themselves feel better.

I have officially labelled such people as Twits. Oddly enough, it matches up nicely for the twits that ‘tweet’ me asking if I want more traffic? Nope, I get enough traffic from people asking me if I want more traffic, thank you very much! I don’t need MORE of those people asking if I want MORE of those people. I would have to shoot someone and soon in that scenario!

So, if you are one of those ‘self-proclaimed’ Twitter ‘expert’ get a grip…..noone wants to hear from you! Noone wants your ‘more traffic’ tips because EVERYONE else is asking the same damned thing. These guys are like the worst type of bad-MLM people. You know the type that scam you for money but you actually nothing in return but the ability to scam more people for money. (Don’t confuse this with legitimate MLM guys who actually have products…..).

A final thought to those ‘experts, and in keeping with the whole Twitter theme…”I wish you could do like the birds do……that is fluck off”


Powers of Observation: I can't see!

September 14, 2009

Anyone who drives (and PAYS ATTENTION) can tell you all kinds of stories. I’m one of those drives who pay pretty damn close attention to my car, my surroundings and most importantly, other cars. I have avoided so many accidents because I knew what my car was capable and of understand how non-capable the clues moron behind was. Say some car slams on his brakes in front of you. You know you have at least an extra 20ft after your car stops but the guy behind you is RIGHT on your ass. So your average driver will just slam on her brakes thus causing an accident because the guy behind her rams her ass…..not only that, this chick, would normally have stopped, now slides into the car in front of her who flies into the intersection and gets t-boned by traffic going the other way. If only she paid more attention and not panic and simply just took up 15 more feet of that extra stopping distance and buddy behind her would have not hit her. I have done this exact same move and prevented such horrible disasters like the one described. It is simply amazing and the fact that they will give anyone who can mechanically operate a vehicle a license is just freaky. In fact, you’d think that the Insurance companies encourage it because they make a killing on payments. Regardless, the point is that I simply pay attention to what I am doing and do my due diligence when a problem arises.

So this client says he can’t see the products he purchased, and then scampers off and whines to the sales guy. The sales guy, being the pussy that most of them are, caves in and without checking, whines to the licensing department. We look at the account and guess what…they’re there. You’d think that the sales guy would have did his job and checked….it’s amazing how someone can sell technology and still don’t know shit. Actually, after being in this industry I am absolutely amazed that it works at all. Seriously, you think you just hear about the odd stupid user…..what will really freak you out is that same stupid user is an IT manager at some major company that is responsible for some life-altering information that if left in the wrong hands, would ruin you forever.
It’s no wonder that 5% of the popular controls the other 95% of the world.

You Got Russian Spam!

September 11, 2009

Spam is nothing new. The first spam I ever received was in the late 80s. Back then I was running a C=64 with a 300 baud pocket modem. (as far as speed goes, that is about 30 CPS (that is characters per second. That’s a whopping 1920 BITS per second! To make sure you are all following with modern terms, that’s the equivilent to 0.000001920 MegaBits!). So needless to say, getting spam REALLY wasted bandwidth.

See, people think nothing of bandwidth because it’s ‘unlimited’ so some SPAM may be annoying but never really think of the cost of such things. When I was running a BBS and a Network, I had to have my computer dial a long distance call to get the new posts from places like FidoNet and such. See I paid for that call, and long distance wasn’t cheap in the 80s! I never asked any of my board users to pay. I did it because I loved what I was doing. Those who used my board reaped the benefits but as it was a big community back then and everyone put in their own time and money for the love of it. No one liked someone who purposely added extra costs to our hobby. This is why I am so particularly ticked when someone sends me useless drivel to my inbox….even more so when it is someone I know. While my monthly cost for my Internet may be fix, now my time is being severely waste.

This brings us to the modern age of the ‘global village’. We now get SPAM from all over the world and in a variety of languages. Here is a prime example:

Submitted on 2009/07/01 at 5:53pm

тулья, Мягкая мебель и Мебель корпусная. ООО «Балтик Хауз». Уголок. Представляем Вашему вниманию высококачественную корпусную и

мягкую мебель, а именно спальни, обеденные столы и стулья, гостиные от ведущих производителей Литвы.

Chairs, soft furniture and furniture is hull. [OOO] “Baltic region House”. Corner. We present to your attention high-quality hull

and soft furniture, namely bedroom, dinner tables and chairs, drawing rooms from the chief producers of Lithuania.

Would you really buy furniture from a spam message? These guys don’t care who the email goes to. Did you know that if a spammer for a 1% response (from the 100’s of thousands emails sent) that is a GOOD response? Pretty sad.

This is also why every, single comment on this blog is moderated. I won’t be wasting YOUR time in reading such drivel. WordPress has an awesome tool for catching such crap and make sure what goes up is clean material. I could care less if you swear or differ in opinion….don’t waste my space with spam.