I don't know, I just clicked ok


There are many types of people that the ‘tech support industry’ really can’t stand dealing with.

You have the type that say

“I got an error message.” and when you ask “Ok, what did it say?” they reply “I don’t know, I just clicked ok. What do I do next?”.

These you want to just throttle their air-passage bandwidth to nill!

Then you have your polar opposites.

“I got an error message.” and when you say “Ok, hit the escape key.” and they reply “Oh wait wait now, slow down……where’s that?”

These ones you want to give them a system that more to their speed.

Those types are part of sub-groups from the globally regional people that I have dealt with over the years. Being in Canada there is a group that every single tech cant’ stand…….Quebec. There is such an attitude that it’s unbelievable. It’s like “We have to call English Tech support….pfft….what do they know…..they only speak English…..they can’t help me…”. These idiots actually have the audacity to insult techs on the phone in french! I was working for a company and the girl beside me knew French but would not speak it because of the problems dealing with Quebec clients. She put this client on ‘hold’ (which was actually mute….a word to the wise to you people calling support….pay attention here…). While on ‘mute’ this my fellow workmate said “She just called me an idiot!” See, the clueless client thought we couldn’t hear her and so voiced her displeasure at our ‘obvious’ incomeptence. It was funny when my workmate went back and asked “Did you just call me an idiot?”. Geeze.

At the company I currently work for, each client has the ability to manage their own products and who they can allow/remove access to. I get this request from this clown to add him to some products(and the primary manager) and remove this other guy. I add him to the product and then get him detailed steps on how to manage them (i.e. click here, click here and then click there, done). He says he doesn’t have the ‘remove button’ and sends me a screen shot. What is totally mind blowing is the fact that this guy does not send me a whole screen shot…..he sends me a screen shot that is cut off RIGHT ABOVE where the buttons are! Buddy is so dumb that he believes that “I’ll just send him a screen shot and not show the remove button and he’ll believe that I can’t actually do it….”. Seriously?? I send him back a screen shot WITH the button showing then closed the case.

It is absolutely stunning that someone tries to pull such dumb-ass stunts over the people who are trying to help them. As bad as cliches like ‘dumb Americans’ are, I can tell you….from dealing with people all around the world here, it is the Americans who are usually the worst to deal with. Actually, there is one group is more annoying….the American Sales Guys for this company. Call them a sub-group if you will, but damn people. It’s no wonder you love Canadians and their ingenuity so much because y’all are dumb as stumps most of the time!


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