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That's not fair!

August 26, 2009

There are many things we experience while we live. The love of a mother, the playfulness of a kitten, the wonder of a child. These are things to behold should you be fortuneate enough to live in a country where such experiences are available to anyone and everyone. These things are quite often forgotten as you grow up and become ‘educated’ in ‘the system’. This systems does not teach you to think, it only teaches you to memorize. And don’t you DARE question authority! Sigh, I see this every day. When I worked as a contractor for an IT company, I was doing it under my corporation. There was a certain tax that if I made less than $X amount, I didn’t need that tax registration number. So after 8 weeks the company I was working through asked for my number…again. When I started they asked for it and I told them then that my corporation has never been used and in the 6 month duration of this proposed contract I would be making less than the required amount. They said nothing and let me go on my way. 2 months into the contract they ‘tell’ me I need this tax registration number. I pushed back asking them to prove it. I spoke with the Gov’t and they said there is no requirement for me to need one and that they don’t enforce it (as this stupid company was claiming). The company said they’d pass it onto their legal department. 2 more weeks go by and they push again. This time claiming that their accountants said they need it. (Funny, two weeks ago they told me it was the Gov’t and now it’s not….). I stated my reasons again why I don’t need it and am not interested in getting one (it is purely voluntary if I make less than the required amount). I simply asked them to provide me with the legal proof that I am required to have this registration number. The best they could come up with was “Well, it’s just our policy…”. Their policy doesn’t override Gov’t regulations.

See, you are not allowed to think. When you do, they will throw everything and ANYthing at you to get you to bend to their will. They don’t like change, they don’t like challenges to the ‘status quo’. Well, it’s people like me that will challenge this to the end of my days. I am simply not some sheep or lemming that follows blindly. I am at the forefront of society paving the way for those who are still ‘sleeping’ while they go about their daily lives.

Here are some prime examples of this:

I tell this guy to go log into his account and then go to ‘manage products’ to see his products. He replies “I don’t see it under manager serial numbers.”

Umm….yeah…..and if you missed that….then you are asleep. Read that again.

Here’s another pristine example:

We have a rule for closing support requests if there is no response from the person who submitted it. So I get this record, I reply with a request for more information. 4 days later and no response. So I sent out a “we’re sorry you were unable to respond in a timely manner…” type of letter and close the request. I _then_ get a response “I was out of the office for 4 days and you close my request. That’s not fair.” Dude, you are compaining because you don’t have time to fix a problem you wanted fixed? Call us when you really want to fix your issue…..while you’re at it… call a shrink too, aparently you need a ‘reality adjustment’to help your perspective on the world.

Geeze, I keep picturing this 13 yr old girl being told to ‘go to her room with no internet’ and her whiny reply being “That’s not fair!”

There have also been times when it’s easier to use an abaccus rather than counting software upgrade paths and support entitlement for licenses licenses with this oen company I worked for. See….now THAT’S not fair to torture your clients and support staff with such confusing BS 😉