Anyone with a modded G1 Android out there?


As posted on the Google Group Android Discussion:



Followed every step as outlined at

FYI, running Ubuntu 9.04 on an AMD Athlon 850MHz/768MB Ram <G>

When I got to step 12 of “Flash Android1.6 & CyanogenMod latest ”  I rebooted the system (as per step 10) and then the phone reboots into Recovery mode.  I reboot again and it just sits at the G1 TMobile logo for over an hour.

I got the AndroidSDK installed and while sitting in recovery mode I can force it to reboot (sudo adb shell reboot) but nothing else seems to work.  no logcat(sit’s at ‘waiting for device’ no matter where I am in the system (i.e. full boot or recovery menu), no get-state (shows ‘unknown’), and adb usb gives me ‘device not found’ (but it obviously is somehow with the reboot command and ti is connected through a USB cable), nothing.

While in the recovery menu, at the bottom it does show “Build: CyanogenMod v1.4 +JF”  so I’m guessing the mod is installed but I don’t “see the blue CyanogenMod Android logo”, only the T-Mobile G1 logo.  I have to back into recovery, do a restore latest backup(as done at step 3 of  Flash Android1.6 & CyanogenMod latest).

If that is complete Greek to you…..then I’m surprised you are reading this blog <G>


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