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So who here is anal about their email management?  Seriously, do we even need to be now-a-days?  With the “Jesus of Email” that Gmail is, how much do we need to manage?  Since my switch to Gmail, I have come to value this service more than ever.  Before I had to make sure that I had backs up my Outlook express folder incase the HD dies (and considering they only last 3-5 years now, this is rather important…).  Not only that, when I see client with over a GB in an outlook folder, it makes me shudder.  There is a technical limit to Outlook Express and how big you can bloat up it’s file to (2GB if you want the short answer) and given the number of picture and video attachments floating around, that adds up quickly if your email isn’t managed properly!
gmailBut wait, Google’s ‘limit’ is 8GB currently!  And hell, do you think that it’s going to get smaller as time goes on?  Sure HDs are getting cheap and the common place 1TB drive is just around the corner, but that still doesn’t change the fact that in 3-5 years it’ll have to be replaced.  This is, of course,  Windows doesn’t crash and you reinstall but forget to backup your email and it’s lost any ways….

So even though I switched to Gmail, there were still some emails left floating around in my old web-hoster’s mail system (1300 to be exact).  So I decided to go through them.  When all was said and done, I deleted 1200 of them!  Wow, so much crap that gets ‘hung on to’.  Maybe that ain’t a big number for you but another client of mine has over 20,000 emails and he won’t delete a single one.  Hell, he’s building his own search engine and soon will obsolete Google 😛

Well, I’m pretty sold on Gmail and how easy it is to use and the SPAM filter is great.  So between my web hoster spam filter and Gmail’s, I don’t see any of the 5-20 that ‘supposedly’ comes my way every day 😀

ChromiumIf you haven’t switched yet to Gmail, then get to it!  The sooner the better because when they start with their Network, soon to be followed by Desktops, it will all be so damned seamless and work just beautifully!  I can see it with my Android-powered HTC Dream, am just itching for the Chromium OS!

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