"Are you serious?"


There are times in my life when the skills I have developed in technology really do have a big impact on me. I realize that not everyone puts so much effort in understanding technology as much as I do. Heck, how many people will follow a Google search 40 pages deep just to see what’s there? Or who do you know that has ever made a university’s print out 20 colour copies of the candy bra and laugh their ass off while having a hard time seeing the screen through teary eyes, all from their home system?

The point is that with all this technology that has been in all of our lives there are still people who seemed to live in caves and stare in wonder at awe at a wooden wheel. The following is a true conversation that happened this past saturday night.

LLPH “Do dvds have to be rewound?”

I was about to laugh but something made me pause. The way it was said that had an odd flavour of innocence to it.

Me: “Are you serious?”

LLP: “Oh, I uh, guess you don’t eh?”

Me: “No, you don’t.”

True story, as painful as it was.

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