Russians NOT welcome!!


spam This is what a lot of people’s computer looks like when they open up their email client(for you non-techies, that means program). SPAM has been around for a damned long time. In fact we’re talking 1937! And here most of you thought the Internet was where it originated 🙂

Most people generally think it’s a minor nuisance and for the most part, they are right. Those people who actually have to pay for the running of servers on the Internet know the real cost and it ain’t pretty. It seems that the Russians have discovered SPAM and keep at it. It’s almost as bad as those Nigerian Scams. It really does make one wonder why they keep at it? Is there seriously a good return on investment? I recall reading that if a spammer got a 0.001 percent click/purchase that was considered a good income. seems like a dying breed of ‘marketing experts’. My blog seems to be popular in Russia as I have noted many times before at how Russians post up replies to comments with their crap. I have set the site that you have to registered in order to comment and oddly enough, some of those Russians take the time to register.

Let’s take our recent example:

Username: SweetAnnyy

The .ru kinda gives away as being a spammer but heck, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and do a Google Search on that email addrress. Well, what do ya know, 89 hits on that email address and msot of them on spam-stopping/reporting sites. So yeah, this guy got deleted.

Do let’s send a message to Russia shall we?


and in case you didn’t get that, feel free to use Babelfish to translate 🙂

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