You think upgrading is better?


Upgrades and new software is common place and a given in the IT world. Every year there are tons of upgrades/updates/security patches for just about every operating system. Windows is notorious for their ‘security updates’ and usually slow to release them only to find out that those updates have bugs with them as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to uninstall IE8 in the past two weeks because of spyware getting past all the ‘security updates’. Hell, Microsoft even has a 10 page PDF document tell you how “Internet Explorer 8 helps keeps you safer online“. Opening it up you’ll find on the 2nd page the wonderfully ‘responsibility disclaimer’ clause of “MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT.”. Even though they make a claim, they rescind it within the first two pages of their document.

One of the most other common tools used are FTP programs. One of them I used to consider the best out there was FileZilla. That was until an update caused it to stop working. Like the good geek that I am, I researched why this happened and how to fix it. I found out that the author changed something in it to make it more standards compliant. The problem is that because some servers have not implemented this, the FTP program fails to connect.

Now, it is entirely possible to have this ‘update’ as an option and disable it but the author has basically said “tell your stupid server admins to fix the problem. It’s not my fault.”. See, right there is someone with absolutely zero business/customer relations sense. He feels his product works just fine (and for the most part it does) but refuses to listen to people telling him there are problems. He then goes on to tell these people to go back to their ‘server admins’ and have them fix it. Riiiiight.

First, most people can’t possibly explain the technical details of why there is a problem in the first place.

Second, most people with the problems are dealing with incredibly stupid tech support with an web hosting provider. The sheer amount of effort to get the problem across to a second level person is staggering and will result in ‘other people are using other programs with no problems. Just switch to another FTP program”

Soo, effectively the author said ‘screw you guys, I’m right and you can go pound salt for all I care.”. It was at this point I dumped FileZilla and started using something else. I don’t support people who simply cannot help their clients/customers and tell them to ‘get bent’. What an idiot.

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