Have you ever bought something 'online'?


Buying online is nothing new. It’s been around for quite sometime and it’s allllllmost common place. There are still a great many who are freaked out by it yet these same people have no problems with handing their credit card to the teenager behind the counter who has a camera on his cell phone and is sooo damned slick that he is able to take a picture of the credit card and you’ll be none-the-wiser. True story.

I’ve purchased many things through ebay, found many online classified and met someone to buy something from them. This past weekend I did something that I’ve never done before…..haggle a price through texting. I’ve been on this HTC Dream Quest and found one for a decent price that is unlocked. It was posted on a classified message forum and I sent him an email with my cell number and told him to text me. He mentioned he had two of them (one BNIB…) and the other slightly used and unlocked. Being unlocked is more important to guarantee compatibility with my wireless carrier. So I worked out to meet up with him tonight.

He texted me that he got an offer that was $10 more than my offer but wasn’t going to bother unless he got an offer that was $20 more. So, this is my first clue that he’s trying to get the most for his item and that it’s his primary goal. Selling it to a guaranteed offer was second I was driving around (he’s in a different city than me) and was close to him and asked if he was around and I’ll drop off a deposit. He didn’t seem interested in that idea.

A few hours later he texted me again saying that he got an offer that was $30 more than mine and asked if I would match it. I tell him to sell it to the other guy as I’ve seen BNIB Dreams for $400. I was ok with $50 less for a used one unlocked but not $20 less. He said I’d still have to get the BNIB one unlocked (typically around $30 charge). I sent him ” BNIB trumps unlocked”.

By this point I was thinking he had no other buyer and was just trying to get more money from me. He didn’t seem to want to sell it to the other guy, even though I told him to do so. I wasn’t willing to pay more than the original amount. I suspected that if this was true then he’d text me later with some sort of ‘the other buyer backed out’ excuse. I told him (again) to sell it to the other guy. This is what I got:

“Nah, I wanna end this….schools startin n i gotta be in uni on Tuesday…ur only. One pickin oon Monday. K I’m removin my posts n just come on Monday…”

Besides texting completely bastardizing the English language (can you really bastardize an already bastardized language?), my hunch was right and I was the only offer he got.

So now I have my HTC Dream and loving every minute of it! The crap I can do is amazing. I set up a friend router for her from my phone all through wifi! Damn cool stuff!

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