I need HELP!


There are many people in this world that really cannot function on their own. People in wheel chairs, people in comas, and people who work for McDonalds. I get it. Why is it that the local bum at the donut shop seems to have more articulation and personality than many ‘techs’ that I’ve met?

Somehow things have gotten screwed up in our world. You have people who can get into a car, turn the key and press a gas pedal. They have no clue about oil and barely understand why the car uses gas in the first place. These people scare me. I have to spend too much energy trying not to get killed by them on the road rather than simply enjoying a nice drive to get a coffee. Seriously, the old ‘license from a crackerjack box’ originated from Hamilton. I have developed a shout to wake people up when they slow down for no apparent reason “NO SIGHT SEEING IN HAMILTON!”. It usually gets them moving along and out of my way.

If only it were so easy in the IT world.

When I was working for someone else, there was this client that called in and was too cheap to pay for training. So he creates a support request under the guise of ‘technical issue’. Being the ever-so-wise techie, I recognize this cheap-ass ploy and fulfill my duty. I point him to a couple of articles on the company website that give him ‘step-by-step’ directions how to do exactly what he wants. He then replies ‘can you give me a short description of the process?’ Noooo! That’s what the articles are for dummy! My short description would only reiterate what is in the articles! And it wouldn’t be short! Until I see MY name on YOUR paycheck, I ain’t doing YOUR work. RTFM!

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