Google: Good for the economy


There are many things in this world that do nothing but take up space(like sprawling suburbias) and money(like the Government). Few things, and I mean very few things, actually push us forward.

Google is the Saviour of our times. Apple gave us the coolest machines, Microsoft stole the idea and learned how to market and now we have Google to usher in the next generation of technological advances and mindsets. Let us not forget The Pirate Bay and their heroic efforts!

See, Google learned fast from it’s predecessors and has ‘boldly gone in a way others never have before’. For the longest time I thought Apple would be the ones to give us the proper choice for digital freedom. They have the coolest looking ‘stuff’ and are on the cutting edge (barely). The problem is their system is completely closed. There are pros and cons to this. Pro: more control (ain’t is always about control?). Con: Less compatibility with others (Microsoft tries to play nice while trying to subtly maintain it’s control).

Now we have Google. The technological juggernaut that it is becoming is staggering. They do things and do it right. Have a look at their path thus far:

1/ Create the best search engine in the world. Check.
2/ Create the best advertising campaign that blends traditional advertising with Internet Technologies. Check.
3/ Create the best free email service. Check.
4/ Create the best free office suite online. Check.
5/ Create the best web browser… the works but publicly available and looks very promising. Half-Check.
6/ Create the best open source operating system for a ‘smart phone’ target=”_blank. Check.
7/ Create the best operating system for a netbook. On it’s way.
8/ Create the best free music system. Check!

The obvious next step will be to simply scale up their network OS(Chromium) to desktops but not much of a leap there. Finally consumers will have a viable 3rd choice when buying a computer! Competition is good! Google is good for the economy.

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