You GOTTA read this!!!


If any of you clicked on this post simply because of the heading, then congrats….you are a nice and prime candidate for spam and/or a virus or two like the iloveyou virus simply because I love stupid people….they fuel my blog. Maybe I’ll look into that….. 🙂

So here is is yet another reply to some dum-ass spam email I got recently:

Why is it that people seem to feel the need to forward such crap? Even worse, why do they not even bother to check to see if it is real? What is it that makes their lives so boring that they feel the need to fill others up with ‘this is true because I saw it on the internet’ emails.

Do I really have to start banning people from sending me emails? I am fortunate enough to have two levels of spam protection (one through my web hoster and another through GMail(speaking of, use it, love it, worship it, make it your God!). Every day I get a report of SPAM messages from my web hoster. Normally I get emails from Vince on a regular basis but this one got in the report. Why? because the contents of this email is well known to be spam. Anyone here knows how to use Google….then freaking use it.

Simply put the subject line of any email into Google and you’ll get your answers.

I put in :


and got 165 hits all babbling about this piece of shit spam that’s been floating around for freaking years.

Learn about! Search there, find your answers, use proper ‘nettiquette when sending out emails please.

Speaking of….learn BCC. That way I don’t have to deal with more spam reports because my email address got forwarded to some dumb-ass who couldn’t be bothered to clean up his fucking infected windows systems. If you don’t know what BCC is, get your ass over to Google and search!

If any one of you forwards this email on, then you are just as dumb.

You are all lucky I’m in a good mood today. To see my bad moods, check out I’ve been around, time to let it all out.

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2 Responses to “You GOTTA read this!!!”

  1. The Jaded Tech Says:

    Who the heck is Noel?

  2. The Jaded Tech Says:

    RSS? Look to the right and at the bottom….

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