So YOU are a Twitter expert?!


I’m getting pretty damned tired that every, single message from a new ‘person who followed me’ is a Twitter expert. They are a god-damned dime-a-dozen.

Here is a typical “Look at me, I’m an expert” message I get:

“Want to know how to get a huge following on Twitter and make residual monthly income at the same time?” (plus some shortened url).

It’s getting ridiculous. I’m willing to bet that Twitter has more Twitter experts than actual users!

I have a friend who recently complained about her being everyone’s ‘dumping ground for their problems’. She has the same problem….everything thinks that she has the ultimate answer for their particular need or issues. They completely gloss over the recent issues of her own she’s been dealing with and decided they were going to be nothing but insanely selfish to make themselves feel better.

I have officially labelled such people as Twits. Oddly enough, it matches up nicely for the twits that ‘tweet’ me asking if I want more traffic? Nope, I get enough traffic from people asking me if I want more traffic, thank you very much! I don’t need MORE of those people asking if I want MORE of those people. I would have to shoot someone and soon in that scenario!

So, if you are one of those ‘self-proclaimed’ Twitter ‘expert’ get a grip…..noone wants to hear from you! Noone wants your ‘more traffic’ tips because EVERYONE else is asking the same damned thing. These guys are like the worst type of bad-MLM people. You know the type that scam you for money but you actually nothing in return but the ability to scam more people for money. (Don’t confuse this with legitimate MLM guys who actually have products…..).

A final thought to those ‘experts, and in keeping with the whole Twitter theme…”I wish you could do like the birds do……that is fluck off”


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4 Responses to “So YOU are a Twitter expert?!”

  1. Adam Says:

    I totally understand what you mean. It sometimes looks the the whole Twittersphere is filled with these so called “twitter experts”. The interesting thing is that some of these guys have less followers than me.

  2. The Jaded Tech Says:

    Ain’t that the funny part! I’ve tried a couple of their suggestions with less-than-inspiring results. Too bad though….hopefully it’s just a fad and more ‘real people’ will start using Twitter as opposed to ‘someone wanting to make more money by buying their twitter-software-that-promises-to-make-you-untold-riches-by-getting-more-followers’.

  3. Sifspainru Says:

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  4. The Jaded Tech Says:

    why would you want such a piece of crap software? learn to use WordPress or Joomla. Both are free and make MUCH better websites. This one is a wordpress site. go to

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