Powers of Observation: I can't see!


Anyone who drives (and PAYS ATTENTION) can tell you all kinds of stories. I’m one of those drives who pay pretty damn close attention to my car, my surroundings and most importantly, other cars. I have avoided so many accidents because I knew what my car was capable and of understand how non-capable the clues moron behind was. Say some car slams on his brakes in front of you. You know you have at least an extra 20ft after your car stops but the guy behind you is RIGHT on your ass. So your average driver will just slam on her brakes thus causing an accident because the guy behind her rams her ass…..not only that, this chick, would normally have stopped, now slides into the car in front of her who flies into the intersection and gets t-boned by traffic going the other way. If only she paid more attention and not panic and simply just took up 15 more feet of that extra stopping distance and buddy behind her would have not hit her. I have done this exact same move and prevented such horrible disasters like the one described. It is simply amazing and the fact that they will give anyone who can mechanically operate a vehicle a license is just freaky. In fact, you’d think that the Insurance companies encourage it because they make a killing on payments. Regardless, the point is that I simply pay attention to what I am doing and do my due diligence when a problem arises.

So this client says he can’t see the products he purchased, and then scampers off and whines to the sales guy. The sales guy, being the pussy that most of them are, caves in and without checking, whines to the licensing department. We look at the account and guess what…they’re there. You’d think that the sales guy would have did his job and checked….it’s amazing how someone can sell technology and still don’t know shit. Actually, after being in this industry I am absolutely amazed that it works at all. Seriously, you think you just hear about the odd stupid user…..what will really freak you out is that same stupid user is an IT manager at some major company that is responsible for some life-altering information that if left in the wrong hands, would ruin you forever.
It’s no wonder that 5% of the popular controls the other 95% of the world.

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2 Responses to “Powers of Observation: I can't see!”

  1. Tony Sears Says:

    “The Jaded Tech”… Don’t even get me started about driving…

    I mean seriously… Take what you said and multiply it by a factor of at least 4 to start.

    Regular people driver to get to and from work and also to go shopping or visit people.

    I and a lot of other people who are considered professional drivers also drive 7-14 hours a day for their jobs as well.

    I avoid so many accidents per day due to idiots who have absolutely no idea how to drive well …. it would blow your mind.

    Couple into that equation that I drive a Bus for the city and 95% of other drivers do not respect large vehicles…

    I think everyone should learn how to drive a 74 tractor trailer and have to be re-tested every 5 years… not just professional drivers.

    Consider you are driving straight in your lane at 50km/h in an 40,000lbs (11ft tall, 8 1/2 ft wide and 40 ft long) vehicle full of unseatbelted passengers and some idiot speeds along beside you and pulls over into your lane with 5 feet to spare or less and begin breaking to pull into the next parking lot… 20ft further along so they can get a coffee from Timmy’s…

    Oh and that happens almost every time you stop the bus and load and unload passengers. ANY IDEA HOW MANY STOPS THE KING BUS MAKES IN 1 TRIP FROM DOWNTOWN TO EASTGATE…!!! (42 one way)

    Not to even mention following the rules of the road…


  2. The Jaded Tech Says:

    “95% of other drivers do not respect large vehicles…” That’s rather interesting as my uncle (who’s wife drives a Geo Metro) gets regularly cut off but when he’s driving his 92 F150, noone messes with him. Although I have personally witnessed some guy cut off a dump-truck that was coming down Clappison Hill….I mean really! This putz thinks that playing chicken with a 18ton vehicle and you think that jumping in front of him is a smart thing? I know what you are talking about. It comes down to simple education. If people were educated properly to respect both the tools they use (cars in this case) and the people they affect (the other drivers), life would be very different now.

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