Suck it up princess!


You want what?

Decisiveness is about the only indication of any significant intelligence that is judged by our society. Whether that is right or wrong, not for me to decide. I merely observe and report 🙂

When I asked a friend what she wanted to eat for supper, I got “I don’t want McDonalds and I don’t want Wendy’s either…” Dammit, I asked you want you want….not want you don’t want!

Here’s yet another fine example of ‘you don’t know what you want!’

Client emails in asking to manage his contracts all from one account….but the said he ‘should be able to manage the licenses separated’….huh? Is this one of those ‘jumbo shrimp koans’?

Now, you would think that people would know what they have, even given the paperwork in front of them.

Client emails in asking why he can’t download his software that he purchased. Sends in a receipt showing everything EXCEPT the product he is asking about. Dude, did you even look at the sheet??

Now, all this is enough to drive someone to drink Hamilton Water . So lets talk about people who KNOW what they want.

ConnectU. These guys know what they want and that is a piece of Facebook. Nothing like waiting till someone is willing to sell for $10 Billion. These punks at ConnectU waited 3 years before doing anything significant? Hey, if you have a claim, then make it. Otherwise you let the opportunity go and the world is now a ‘better place’ with someone making some decent money. The world is already full of people who have absolutely stunning ideas that could revolutionize the way we do thing but are so afraid of loosing it that we’ll never see it in the light of day.

Its kinda pathetic really. It’s one of those ‘If I can’t make money, then the rest of the world can go to hell!’ type of approach. The cool thing about us is that such an idea will never be solely held by one person alone. Life always finds a way to make sure such things get out into the general populace. How many people thought about making something and then years later find that something on a shelf in a store and said to yourself “Hey, I thought about that idea!” Too late…someone else had the wherewithal to actually go out, find investors and make it happen while you stayed at home saying “I don’t know anyone who can help me…”. There’s a great little saying that I picked up a few years back “Whether you say you can or say you can’t, you are right.”

Suck it up princess!

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