Blackout Story


Everyone knows about the blackout that happened back in 2003. I was working for a big corporation out of a 12-story building in Markham. Now every business building of significance is equipped with backup generators, usually diesel powered. Where these generators are placed varies but usually on the roof. For the building we worked in this was the case. They also put the fuel tanks in the ground. Makes sense, wouldn’t want a flammable fluid potentially leaking down on top of your clients, generally considered a bad thing.

I was taking some calls when it all went down. It was kind of strange. I was talking with one office who said they just lost all power. I told them to call back and I’ll help out their computer issue when they are back up. The very next call another office said the same thing. To whit I replied “That’s funny, another office just said they lost power too.” Then it all hit the fan. Mass chaos everywhere. Cell phone towers jammed, calls were not getting through although text messages seemed to work most of the time. Everyone scrambling to get a hold of their friends/family, businesses lossing money and here we are, a tech support company without anything to do because the bulk of our clients had no power, thus no computer problems 🙂

Well, in our building where we worked, I mentioned that the fuel tanks for the generators were stored in the ground. That in of itself is nto a big deal but who was the freaking idiot engineer that designed the fuel PUMPS to be run off electricity from the building?? I mean our building was now officially without power, despite having a generator on the roof. I’m sure some dumb-ass construction engineer would have gotten reemed and fired for such a bonehead design.

Ok, so not only does our helpdesk get designated an ‘essential service'(Duh! Hello! Nothing to fix here!)we now have the stairway open while people walked up and down them carrying buckets of diesel fuel to the rooftop generator. Once that got started we had the great pleasure of working in the fumes of diesel fuel AND exhaust. And you thought doing tech support at a helpdesk was a pushover I bet!

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2 Responses to “Blackout Story”

  1. Greenjah Says:

    Bahahahaha, I spent that blackout drinking beers and smoking dubies this buddy of mine. Luckily we managed to get to the beer store before it all happened. Was a fun night! Watching peeps going around in the darkness and tripping out 🙂

  2. The Jaded Tech Says:

    As a rule, anything in another language is generally considered spam. I usually find it amusing (post coming soon) after translation but this one was legit! I’m mildly surprised but here is the translation:

    “To all regards! It is recently past test, result”
    (link stupefied! psychological tests for the schoolboys) (, translated link

    As usual, you should always be a good Boy Scout about to have sex for the first time and ‘Be Prepared’ with your proper protection! That means AVG, Spybot and CCleaner you Windows users!

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