So, you're an IT Manager eh?


I overheard the otherday that Justice Of The Peace is a politically appointed position and that it had nothing to do with ‘ability to perform’.  Now, I don’t know much about the political system, could care less really, but I decided to look into this term and see if I could understand it a bit more.  Being the diligent geek, the first thing I hit was Google.  Here are the top 5 references that I saw for this term:

1/ BCTF > Politically appointed college draws deeper outrage from “That the minister act on the commitment she made in the December 10, 2003 open cabinet meeting and dismiss the politically appointed council and hold …”

That didn’t sound too good, dismissing anyone can’t be a good thing.  Let’s check the next one.

2/ 1st-36th, Volume 37 – Oral Questions – The Hydro Board, politically appointed board members, again after the election, went up some 36 percent in terms of the remuneration for those board members 

Hmm, politically appointed memebrs giving themselves a raise…err…’increase in renumeration’…ok, still not looking good.  Next.

3/ Incompentent polictically appointed Minnesota family court referee  — He’s pathetic scum, politically appointed, and totally inadequate for the position he holds — a disgusting disgrace — if I must say. 

Well, this ‘politically appointed’ term seems to be getting quite the bad rap so far….next.

4/ AIMS : Issues : Oil and Gas – Last Friday Western Petroleum forced the politically appointed Newfoundland oil pricing commissioner to increase the price of a litre of gasoline by 5.8 

So a ‘politically appointed’ commisioner increases the price fo gas.  Yup, that’ll make him popular for sure!  Next…but I’m not holding my breath that this will be any better…

5/ Responsibility in the Constitution – Chapter 7 – Constitutional 1 Jun 1993 … It is also important to stress that they are politically appointed and not intended to be non-partisan. Indeed, the appearance of officials …

So let me see if I can sum up what I’ve learned about being ‘politically appointed’ here:

  • you can dismiss people
  • your position has nothing to do with your skill
  • you can give yourself a ‘renumeration increase’
  • you are ‘pathetic scum’
  • you can raise the price of gasoline
  • you are not intented to be non-biased

So then IT Managers must all be ‘politically appointed’ as that describes just about every IT Manager working at many companies I know about.

Got this client(IT manager) who removed himself from some software connections.  Problem is he wasn’t fully associated with those connections and blamed us for his missing connections.  Between not properly explaining the issue in the first place,  finding out that he could be missing any ONE of 10,000 different connections associated with his company, and not hearing back from him after a week of requesting updates, he then goes and blames US for HIS lack of software management.  Shame on us eh?

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, there are clueless morons all over the place who are ‘it managers’ and still don’t know squat.  And they really hate it when you point it out to them too but I _really_ like it 🙂


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