The dumbest of questions


Why do people ask the dumbest of questions?  I swear that technology makes the majority of people stupid.  Seriously.  The saying that the two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity are more true now than ever.  The other saying, that I have modified, is “Nothing makes more mistakes quicker than guns or tequilla.”  I’ll throw in computers with that lot!

Dumb question #1:  “I can’t see this person on my contract.  Is here there?”

Ok, do I really have to answer this?  Seriously?  Shall I lend you my glasses because I know damn well they work as I have proof that idiocy abounds in the IT world right in front of me!  Much like a neutered dog, you just don’t get it do you?

Dumb question #2:  “How do I fix ordering 14,000 wrong licenses?”

Huh?  How the hell does someone order 14,000 wrong of anything???  The depth of this stupidity is simply astounding, and by that I mean “Retarded Policeman” type of astounding!  That’s like asking “How do I get 213 women un-pregnant?”  Like, did you simply not pay attention in school?  Dude, it’s called protection and not the ‘pay or we’ll not be responsible for any accidents that occur to your legs’ type of protection either!  Damn.

Dumb question #3:  background, previous company:  Client has a power outage and is concerned about her phone system.  She calls in.  “Can you tell me if our phones are working?”  Ok, the first problem with this is that we do tech support for their computers.  We have no information/help for their phone systems but I give it a shot any ways.  “What seems to be the problem?”  She responds “We’ve had a power outage and our computers are down.”  I, in my infinite wisdom, ask the obvious question “Then how are you calling me?”

Wait for it….

“On the phone………oh….”

It took 4 Advil to clear up that headache.

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2 Responses to “The dumbest of questions”

  1. Greenjah Says:

    LMAO! That was a stupid questions. Baaahahahahaha
    In fact really funny. Especially the one about the woman that called to ask if your phone works 8)))))

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