You don't know what you want!


I really, really do wonder if people pay ANY type of attention to what they do.  Like the  other day I witnessed this SUV wandering back and forth in his lane.  He was ahead of me in the lane beside me and I had to contemplate what I was going to do.  Not being the impatient type, (although I do wonder how I am able to keep my sanity while waiting for Windows to do anything  even though the System Idle shows 99% but yet my click hasn’t freaking gotten any respect and thus no action….) I really wanted to get passed this guy.  Tought luck on anyone else behind him I say.  So here I am trying to time his lane wandering to when I can floor it and get by this guy.

Oh, did I mention this was happening on a mountain access?  Yeah, I could just see someone getting side-swiped by this idiot trying to fiddle with his glove box and punting some stupid little Hyundai over the embankment to more cars below.  Well, it would make for some news any ways.

Ok, back to my trying to guess correct timing to random lane wanderings.  I wait and SLAM on the gas! (Thanks Vanilla Ice for that metaphor!).  All 183 ft-lbs of torque scream by him and I’m safe to complete my trip home.  I noted that in my rear-view mirror he is looking at me like I’m crazy.  Well, maybe he’s right.  I make money from fixing stupid Windows errors…

So, like this guy who can’t make up his mind where in his lane he wants to be, I get a client who can’t make u his mind what email address he wants us to use for him.  The clueless client (to which I will lovingly refer as CC)asks use to add an email address to his account  (let’s call it  I check and the email address isn’t setup on our site.  So I
reply and tell him he has to register that emailaddress before I can add it to his account.

CC then responds with “I have registered”.  What the….

I email him back and say “You initally said to ass and then you replied to me with ‘I have registered’.  Just so we are clear, do you now want me to add to your account?”

Are you just dying for CC’s response?  Can you even guess what he will say?  I am still floored by it.

CC’s response:  “I am a little confused by your response.  Please add”

My reply: “I guess when you wrote ‘I have registered’ that it had nothig to do with your original request.”  (A pretty mild but politically-correct bitch slap there).

You know….you just can’t make this shit up.

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2 Responses to “You don't know what you want!”

  1. Tony Sears Says:

    LOl the funny part is that Im sure your little jab there at the end was lost on them…

  2. The Jaded Tech Says:

    Most likely…

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