I told you so…


Boy, I’m going to love working at my job! The amount of material for this blog will be astounding! So here we go:

We license out the software our company makes. A client has a problem with a type of license he is trying to use.
I tell client that it has to be set up a different way than what he is trying. The client says he doesn’t want it that way, doesn’t need it that way, wants it the other way.

Just so we are all clear here. The client is telling ME how our product product works. Umm, I thought he was contacting us to ask how it works….

I tell client how it can work the way I originally told him. 2 days later, still no response from the client.

Nothing is more satisfying that us techies being able to say.. “I told you so…”  🙂

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One Response to “I told you so…”

  1. The Jaded Tech Says:

    Thanks Jenny. Enjoy and spread the love around!

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