The switch to Gmail…


So, I finally made the switch to GMail.

As a Tech, Google has always been my best friend.  Finding solutions to problems is the key to any successful Geek.  Don’t let anyone tell you they ‘know it all’ because I can guarantee you they’ve researched any problem long before they ‘knew it’.

Any ways, having run a number of email addresses for various projects/reasons, I was getting tired of all the email building up on my computer as well as the concern for having to back it all up all the time.  So I stopped downloading it and went to strictly checked it
all via a webmail interface.  This helped in my storage concerns but after developing a few more projects, it was getting seriously tiresome to log into 6 different webmail accounts.  Enter the Saviour of the Day, GMail!

GMail has the awesome ability to gram email from pop servers(i.e. your Internet provider or domain name provider) and sort them by what they call ‘labels’.  They don’t use folders but clicking on the label that you assign to the email account you setup is the equivalent anyways.

I have been working hard at consolidating my workload into more central locations to make it easier for me.  This is absolutely critical for any successful person/business to do!

In fact, I’m sending an email from Gmail to my domain name and that will get posted as well as Twitter status will be updated to show a new post.  This just saved me at least 15mins of ‘browsing around’ to do it all!

Now if only I can figure out how to add tags to my posts from emails….

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2 Responses to “The switch to Gmail…”

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