IT running out of ideas….followup


So, I see this job on Craigslist. I apply to the annonymous listing. Few hours later I get reply asking to fill out this ‘form’ and return it back within 24hrs. I open it up….it’s kinda like one of those ‘tell me a time when…’ questionaire but for techs. Well, being the good tech that I am, I fill it out. got to one part where I was sure so I figure I’ll use the resouces at hand…..Google. I copy part of the questionaire into Google, with quotes. and his enter. Oddly enough I only get ONE hit. I was expecting quite a few of people who had similar problems.

Well guess what the one hit was? I was the same damn questionaire posted on a Vietnamese message forum from 4 years ago!

Even the IT hiring process has run out of original ways to screen candidates.

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