"Technical Ineptitude"


The IT field is such a ubiquitous part of the workforce, it seems that they are running out of words to describe job postings and actual IT work.  I have seen such wonderful job tittles as ‘Technical Support Technician’ and “Technical Analsyt” (yes I typed that as it was spelled).  Recently I saw this part of a job description:

“Specific responsibilities:  Provides vision and support for an engaging, flexible, effective, and user-driven (Company name/division omitted) website.”

Did anyone else run out of breath with all those damned descriptive.  I mean, that is just ludicrous!  I remember a few years back I was at a party and, being the social guy that I am, I asked someone what he does for a living.  I got “I’m an integral part of a highly interactive creative team.”  I replied “Wow, that’s a of a lot of adjectives.  What the hell does it mean?”  He gave me a dirty look.  People love their words.

To go with all this extraneous extraneousness, the IT field is engaging in serious make-work projects.  My wife started a new job that requires a user ID and password.  If you want to change the PW to something else (and you SHOULD!) you have to apply for the ‘company ID’ then you are allowed to change your password.  5 weeks later and she still hasn’t heard back from the IT department.  Not surprising considering that when she wanted to re-configure her desk to make it more ergonomically correct, the IT guy told her that she wasn’t allowed to unplug the keyboard unless she was ‘certified’ _and_ that the HD and/or CD-ROM would “be damaged” if she tried to put her desktop computer on it’s side.

Where the hell do they hire these people from???

Not only is the IT field morons trying to belittle you with idiotic adjectives and your intelligence with non-sensical justifications, they are also after your money!  Don’t believe me?  Walk into any Best Buy and check out the price of a 3ft Network cable. $17!!!  So what they expect the unsuspecting home user to do, when they add in a router to a pre-networked house, is to pay through the nose, for 3 stupid little cables. $17 x 3 = $52!!! (then the Gov’t gets in on the raping action, but that’s a whole other genre of rants…).  4 weeks later and I’m still floored at that damn price!  I walked immediately over to Home Depot and picked up all 3 cables for $15!  Home Depot!  How many of you would think of going to Home Depot for a computer part?  Bet you’ve changed your mind now!

But wait, it gets better (or worse…depending on which side of the fence you want to be on).  As a lowly computer technician, I can buy cable in a modest length of 300ft, a bag of ends and a crimper for around $100.  That means my cost for a 3ft cable is around $0.09 cents.  Hold on to your hats.  Consider me as your local technician.  How much buying power do I have compared to a big Corporation like Best Buy?  Not much right?  So, if my buying power, which is insignificant, can get you a 3ft cable for $0.09, how much do you think it really costs Best Buy??  They are buying millions of this stock!  Heck, the packaging cost about 1000 times more than the product inside of it at this point!

So, when you really want something done, not feel belittled, raked over the coals or like you’ve had the life sucked out of your bank-account, call me to either help you directly or tell you how to find a decent technician in your area.


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