People who live in the 'information age' but aren't really 'there'.


I’m sensing a theme amung people who live in the ‘information age’ but aren’t really ‘there’. What is even more pathetic is that these same people make wild claims at how long they’ve been doing it and still have no clue how it works. Here is an example:

I worked this one company for a few months (had to leave, too far to drive every day, too damn expensive on fuel). They made a product that was sold to retailers. The retailers then sold it to the public. When a customer has a problem, they go to the retailers and when they can’t fix it, they sent the client to the company I was working for.

Background out of the way, let’s get onto our wonderful customer.

So this guy deals with 3 or 4 companies and doesn’t want them to know what service produver he is using because it is technically competition. That’s fine. When he sends out a email message, he changes his the display name to make it look more generic and not show what service provider-based messaging he is using. When I explain to him that he’s not really changing anything and that the recipients can easily see who he is using he gets bent out of shape.

“Isn’t there any privacy on the Internet any more?!” He screams completely oblivious to the fact that there isn’t a single bit of privacy for the average user who uses a corporate paid service! When I explain that if he changed what he wanted to, that is the same thing as spammers do and then ‘faking’ the information. Well, that set him off the deep end. “I am not FAKING anything!!!”

Dude, you just changed your information to show FALSE information. Maybe in your world that isn’t faking but the law says otherwise. Keeping in mind that this same moron claimed he’s been using the same service for ’20 years’ and was ‘one of the first because I had a friend who knew the founders’. This made me cry inside. So sad to see someone use a service and and still had no clue what he was doing.

I was quite proud of having the chance to shatter someone’s idiotic world view on ‘how stuff works‘.

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