Kijiji techs are a bunch of idiots….


I setup a new account because the old email address was my business name and I sold that business name.

So I create a brand new account and go to post up an ad. I get the ‘you have posted too many times today” stupid error message.  Makes no sense so I email them.  I get no reply.  A month later I email them again.  Here’s the exchange: wrote:

> Message From:
> About a month ago I contacted Kijiji about this problem and I have still not
heard back.
> Please explain to me why I am unable to post ads when this account has
_never_ posted an ad in it’s life yet I still get the above error message.

Their response:


Thank you for contacting Kijiji Canada Community Support.

Your email address is registered in mumbai and that means you are unable to use our site.

Kijiji Canada

PS: Please let us know what you think of our support at:

(Trust me, I got another earful to ‘let them know what I think..’)

My response:

Are you people clueless or just delusional?  Do any of you have any technical experience at all?  I have live in Canada all my life (close to 40 years) and was the first domain name I ever registered back in 2003.  Do you what what a ‘whois’ service is?  Good, then use it! Better yet, let me simply give you a link to one:

Hey, let me teach you even more, ever heard of They keep track of websites and what they looked like over the years:*/

I’ve attached a picture that I just went outside and took of my car with ONTARIO custom license plates (this is my summer toy, winters suck but don’t have a choice until I can afford to live someplace warm during the winter).  It’s for sale if you are interested, you can read up on the blog that I started last year on it here

Hey look at this….it’s from

Well what do ya know….it matches the whois server information.

Do you need any other freaking proof that I’m not from Mumbai or is that a place you just pulled out of the air because it’s currently popular on news stations?

Now, you can either apologize and setup my account properly or pass me onto your manager because you are too incompetent to use the internet.

(Pic of car included)

I really don’t have patience for incompetent support staff who don’t know how to use simple online tools such as WHOIS.

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