You know, in this age you’d think that it would be easier to do things….

So I’m getting ready for a weekend trip away at a cottage.  I printed out the directions about a week ago.  Yesterday the wife cleans up.  After I get the car packed (and the cat absolute REFUSED to go into his carrier….screw it, left him at home instead of with the in-laws and my uncle can check in on him…) we finally left the house.  10mins later I asked my wife if she grabbed the directions….”No, I cleaned up yesterday…”  Just great.

Fine, we’re still going to be staying at my inlaws so we’ll just reprint them there.  But oh no….the printer doesn’t print. Says it’s out of BLACK INK.  And guess what…stores are closed because it’s 10pm now!  Normally I’d just be mildly annoyed but tomorrow is a holiday (Good Friday) and none of the stores are open.  Great!

Now, this would have been significantly less of an issue if I hadn’t wanted to take back roads and a nice, casual drive to the cottage… how the hell do I get the directions so I don’t get lost.

Ok, I’ll pull out a relatively new trick.  I’ll print the Google Map to an image and copy it to my Palm Zire Z22.  20mins later and I’m having a hard time finding the free image printer I installed on my home system.  Finally found one, some odd-ball one but it works…..but wait….why does it seem that Picasa just kinda pops up to show the image.  Shit. Picasa can be useful but right now, it doesn’t tell me where the hell it’s saving the picture and I can’t find it.  Dammit. Fine….there’s an option to open in IrfanView.  I do so then save it where _I_ want it to save.  Wait….what do you mean when I choose ‘Desktop’ that I need to ‘choose a folder that located on the local machine”???? WTF?!?

Ugh, eventually I get it to save to the root drive.

Ok, so now to download Palm Desktop and copy it over.  Crap….not working.  Off to find SplashData’s SplashPhotos. What? $30USD???  Dammit, this trip is having THE hardest start!  Oh wait, a 30-day trial….ugh.  Well, it should let me copy at least this ONE file over….

Installed….image added to the loading window….so let’s sync now…..

I’m going to kill something…..the damned image printer only did ONE PAGE out of the 9 PAGES that I needed!!!

Sigh…..I did forget to mention that I installed a PDF printer earlier.  So let’s try installed a PDF viewer and copy the PDF Google Map directions over…..

Finally! The PDF is on my Palm. It ain’t the prettiest of interfaces but I got it.

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